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iSupportMac is an IT Consultancy specialising in the AppleMac marketplace.

It also offers support for PCs in a mixed platform environment

We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, cheque, internet bank transfer or

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‘Remote’ Support

Many problems can be resolved by remote access to your computers, either Mac or PC. We use TeamViewer™ to take control of your computer and can either show you how to solve your problem or simply sort it out for you. This assumes of course that you have a working network and internet access! This is a very cost effective approach in both terms of time and money as no call out charges nor travel time are involved.

This service can be added to Contract support or used on an ad hoc basis - just give us a call on 01400 273589 or

07958 569783 and we’ll arrange a call back time.

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Remote support is charged on a per incident basis and allows for up to 1 hour total time to resolve your issue. As is our normal approach we work on the basis of ‘no fix no fee’ so if we fail to resolve your issue we will refund your payment less any card handling fees. The charge for an incident is £50.00 inclusive of VAT. We will e-mail you a VAT invoice.

We are aware there are a lot of ‘scam’ companies out there claiming ‘your computer’ is affecting a ‘Microsoft Server’ and as such charging for remote help has made people very wary. First and foremost if you are a Mac user this doesn’t affect you anyway but as a PC user rest assured we are not a loathsome scammer and only offer very real help, and in any case it’s you contacting us and not the other way round!

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer TeamViewer for remote support from iSupportMac