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iSupportMac is an IT Consultancy specialising in the AppleMac marketplace.

It also offers support for PCs in a mixed platform environment

We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, cheque, internet bank transfer or

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One Off

If you’ve got a specific problem just give us a call and we’ll give you all the help we can to solve it for a ‘one off’ fee. This can be as simple as the supply and installation of a new workstation to a complete review and overhaul of your system, in which case we’ll:

  1. Carry out a preliminary site survey to determine your network infrastructure; internet connectivity and security; server-side systems such as e-mail, shared databases etc; file servers; backup devices and regimes; workstations; peripherals such as printers, scanners etc plus any other relevant information.
  2. We then prepare a report with our immediate observations on the system and make any recommendations we consider require urgent attention as well as those which are ‘nice to have’ This report will include for the costs of any hardware or software required plus an estimate of the time required to carry out agreed installations and upgrades.