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iSupportMac is an IT Consultancy specialising in the AppleMac marketplace.

It also offers support for PCs in a mixed platform environment

We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, cheque, internet bank transfer or

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The principals have been directly involved with IT for the past 30 years.

We provide IT Consultancy Services as well as supplying a full range of hardware and software IT products to the SME market.

We have more than 30 years' experience in this market and currently provide services in the following disciplines:

Graphic Design
Stand and Exhibition Design

TV Production

Our target client is typically an intense user of IT in a mainly Mac environment, but who is too small to have a full time IT department - we fill that gap by providing the necessary skills to support the infrastructure up to Application level thereby leaving the computer user to do what they are best, illustration etc.

We effectively become your IT Department and as such we are not only able to support your existing installation but we can make and implement recommendations to maximise its efficiency and your ROI. We assist in the preparation of planning and budgets for the future to keep your spend cost effective and your installation reasonably future proof.

We design and install both wired and wireless networks and can incorporate any necessary telephony through a long term associated company; implement suitable security policies between the public and private network; advise on and implement back-up and data security strategies and supply, install and support a full range of computer hardware, computer peripherals and software.

Over the years we have tended to settle on a small number of manufacturers and suppliers who we consider can supply both an appropriate range of equipment as well as a high level of back-up technical support. This does not however preclude the supply of other manufacturers' equipment if it is considered to be the best for the purpose. We are solution, not product orientated.

We can also supply a full range of PCs which we typically have made to order by a company who we have now dealt with since early 2006.

We have been involved in cross platform Mac/PC compatibility and have been setting up mixed platform environments since 1993